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Chess online – can you make money from it?

Do you like playing chess online? Are you also considering the possibility to make fast money by playing chess online? Until recently this wasn’t much possible, but now it has turned into reality and the place where this happens is the website playe4.com. How is it possible to play chess online and make money? In a nutshell, it’s like playing poker in a casino, an internet casino. You sign into your account and deposit a certain sum of money. You receive some really good starting bonuses which makes you more solvent.

After you feed your account with money, you just choose a table and an opponent and you start playing. The winners takes all, while his opponent loses his whole bet. The website always wins by keeping a percent of the bet. This sounds frightening but in fact it’s not because the percent is quite small and the players don’t even notice it. However, there are tens of thousands of games every day, so the amount of money this website profits is quite big. But everyone must win something, right?!

Of course, there is a catch and that is if there is a draw each player takes the money back but the website which gives the opportunity to play chess online still keeps a commission. So here you will enjoy some quite bloody and productive games, just no one likes to lose here.

What else do you have to know if you decide to play chess online at playe4.com? When you choose a table to play, the next thing you have to do is to arrange the conditions of the game with your opponent – for example, time for finishing the game and the bet you are playing for. There are players who try to cheat, so be cautious and you will have no problems.

Well, that’s it. Have a pleasant and successful game!


Who plays chess online?

If you really want to play and learn chess online and you are not keen on such trinkets like design, a lot of useless functions, photos and stuff like that, then see what wtharvey.com has to offer. At first you might be a little shocked by the appearance of this website for chess online tasks because it reminds us of the age of the dinosaurs and the first websites twenty years ago. But under its unpretentious appearance you will discover a genuine chess jewel.

In this website you can explore a really huge database of chess puzzles which are not only instructional but are also significant because of the fact they are taken from real games of the great chess masters. There is no other place for chess online.

The chess puzzles and compositions are ordered by the names of the great chess players and if you want to check out the brilliant combinations of Gata Kamsky you just have to find his name among the others offered in the website, click on it and find yourself in his place with a high class chess problem at hand.

Another very useful function of this online chess treasury is the opportunity to choose among chess puzzles and combinations from real games which have been formed after a certain opening. Thus you can easily predict, learn and subsequently use some chess masters’ tricks in your own opening repertoire.

Apart from all mentioned so far, in this website for chess online you can also find puzzles ordered not by the game of a certain chess master where the problem occurred or whose opening was used, but by the year the game was played or even the tournament.

All of the above shows why wtharvey.com is the most usual and visited website for solving online chess tasks on the net. This website is really worth visiting and that’s probably why it’s made so simple – to show the content better and not the cover.


Websites for online chess games

If you like playing chess online or even more – you are keen on solving chess puzzles and you won’t miss the fun to solve a few of them before going to bed, then you are probably wondering where to find an enormous online chess database with puzzles. Just read the next few lines and you will find exactly what you need.

We present you this ultimate website for playing online chess – ideachess.com. What is extremely impressive about it is the availability of more than 70 000 chess puzzles which you will need a lifetime to solve and which is even cooler if you happen to decide that solving online chess puzzles is your life goal and you manage to solve all of them then don’t despair because every day there are more new and interesting online chess tasks that are added.

Another great advantage of ideachess.com is the scheme according to which the puzzles are presented to you. If you manage to solve a chess task or not, then you win or lose rating. When this happens you get a new task depending on your new chess rating and thus you receive a task according to your level.

For those who want not only to solve chess puzzles but also to get training by playing chess online, there is a special section for end games which is probably one of the best training programmes on the net.

As in every good chess website, here you can also find a very powerful chess programme with which you can play chess online and see how your chess skills are progressing.

And finally, the greatest advantage of this chess website is the fact that it is completely free and as its creators claim, and we have no reason to doubt it – this website for chess online will remain free to the end of time.


Practicing by playing online chess

If you want to develop your chess skills, you can take full advantage of what the internet has to offer and the opportunities to play and learn how to play chess online. This is what we will try to do by offering you a short review of a website which is a part of the amazing abundance of websites for playing and learning chess online.

The website in question is chesstempo.com which offers some really fantastic functions for playing the game and learning it. What is more this website for chess online is finely adjusted to be used by children and can be applied to the online training programme of the young chess players.

Let’s start with the highlights of this website for online chess – chesstempo. The first thing you will notice in the website is the opportunity to do thousands of tactical tasks which are ordered by their level of difficulty. And the amusing part about that is the fact that the player in this website for chess online gets to be rated after solving each task and his rating goes up or down depending on his success in solving the tactical task. The tasks’ complexity is related to the player’s rating and thus he receives tasks according to his level.

In this website for chess online you will also find an abundant database of tactical positions in the end games. Again there is a special rating for the performance of each player and the tasks’ complexity depends on the level of the participants.

Here you will also find an enormous database of played games which is an excellent assistant if you want to examine an option or if you want to find the best continuation of a game, for example in an online correspondence chess.

In conclusion, this online chess website offers a sufficient chess programme for you to play with whenever you want.

A fun training combined with chess tasks and the opportunity to play with a strong opponent at any time. This is what chesstempo offers, just try it.


Pros and cons about playing chess online

I simply don’t understand where is the joy of the game to these players who use a chess engine when they play chess online. The win is not theirs at all. It is achieved by the engine and even more you have cheated against an opponent who probably has expected a fair game of chess online from you.

I have to be honest and say that it has happened to me too, especially at correspondence chess online games and I struggle with my conscience every time. If I have to go deeper in what pushes me to use a chess software when I play correspondence chess online games (it has happened only few times) it was not the idea of winning, but the curiosity to know if I made the correct move or it was a bad one.

Many times I play the move I am thinking about before checking it with the chess engine even when the machine tells me that it is a wrong move. I recall now a game when I was in winning endgame and I was so eager to check if I made the correct winning move that I checked it with my computer. It gave me that I would make a bad move and it suggested the correct continuation for this chess online game I was playing at that moment. I made the move, given by the computer and offered a draw to my opponent, even in a winning position and told him what I’d done.

The funny part here is that if I had checked a bit deeper in that position I would have found the right continuation by myself, because it was not such a difficult move.

So, the main point – curiosity is my biggest temptation to use chess programs when I play a game of chess online and this is something I really have to fight with.


Good websites for playing chess online

If there’s someone who has played chess online and who has never tried yahoo online chess, I will be stunned. This is the so called introduction to the game for everyone who wants to play chess online. I remember the first time I decided to try the magic of playing chess online and how I stayed for nights in front of the computer playing chess online.

If there happens to be someone who doesn’t know what yahoo online chess is, then let me tell you that this platform was once the biggest server for playing chess online. Thousands of people from all over the world used to play chess online there. As in any other great website for playing chess online, in yahoo online chess wins increase your rating and losses decrease it which distinguishes the elite chess players from the others.

Now, while writing this, I remember the time when my rating reached 1800 which is quite impressive. Most of the chess players have a rating of 1500 and lower.

As a website yahoo online chess is not much different from the other websites for playing chess online. You just have to log in with your email’s username and password and then choose the league where you want to play. You can choose among beginners, intermediate or advanced. It’s best to take the levels into account. If you are a beginner and decide to join the advanced, no one would want to play with you because if you happen to win they will lose a lot of points.

But if you are an advanced player and join the beginners, everyone would want to play with you but your wins will gain very few points while your losses will be catastrophic.

Another great advantage of playing chess at yahoo online chess is that even according to the people from yahoo it will remain free which is undoubtedly of great importance.


Useful tips for playing chess online

Whenever you want to read something interesting and useful about chess online, then visit the website of the magazine New in Chess. New in Chess is an online magazine about chess which is also offered in paper and which is published with the assistance of some of the greatest chess masters in the world. Just pick a name like Kasparov, Topalov, Aronian, Leko, Polgar, Anand, Carlsen or anyone else of the world’s chess masters and you will find them as authors of articles in New in Chess.

Furthermore, Garry Kasparov has a regular column in the magazine which is in each of the eighth issues of the magazine published yearly.

You will also find interviews, information about the current tournaments, analyses of openings and middle games, development of end games, reviews of the latest books about chess, curious and interesting chess stories and much more.

This is what you will discover if you subscribe to the magazine. If you want to check the online version of New in Chess, you will find a well-maintained chess website which contains detailed descriptions of links to different chess online programmes which are useful for every chess player and other online chess websites and all kinds of information.

Another useful feature that you will find if you decide to visit this online chess website is the full review of every issue of the magazine – page by page and topic by topic. There is also an index of all the mentioned in the magazine openings and an index for those which are commented and elaborated on by the elite chess masters – guests of the issue.

This is New in Chess – undoubtedly the best magazine about the world of chess and one of the best places about chess online.


Online chess training

An amazing website for playing chess online and mainly for solving puzzles and understanding of the game. The next few lines are about that and more specifically about the website chess.emerald.net or chess tactics server – the way it’s more known in the chess community. From its second name it’s completely clear what it’s about and what distinguishes it from the other similar sites is its system for ranking different online chess problems which bring points not only for their solving but also for the time needed for it.

This difference, as slight as it may seem, is essential. The struggle with time for solving a given online chess problem and the use of time as a key factor is of great importance and brings the solving of online problems closer to a real chess online game situation which makes using this website a significant part of the online chess training process.

Another interesting feature of the website chess tactics server is the fact that it is completely free and available for everyone who wants to make progress in the game of chess. It has been created by a bunch of chess enthusiasts from Berlin who maintain it and make it a really fantastic chess spot on the net.

If we have to mention some dry statistics, here it is. At the moment there are exactly 23 803 online chess problems uploaded on the website. For each of them it is required to have a certain level of knowledge about the game which makes it attractive for different in strength and skills players.

Another curious point about the website is the strong national principle for the games. There can be different tournaments for solving online chess problems and the players can be in teams – a country against a country.

All this makes this online chess website a wonderful place for playing chess online and training for chess players in different levels.


Best practices when playing chess online

If you want to play chess online but you don’t want to pay for it, then you can try several websites. First you can try at instantchess.com, which is an amazing website for playing chess online and which is completely free. Logging in is quite easy, by using Facebook, which is another advantage since it gives the opportunity to create new contacts and to arrange friendly chess tournaments.

You just log in the social network, join instantchess.com and play a few games with whoever you choose. Then you become friends on Facebook and arrange a new game in instantchess.com after a few days. That’s why this website is such a good place for playing chess online.

Another good website which offers some really good conditions for playing chess online is gameknot.com. Actually, this website is one of the biggest websites for playing correspondence chess online and it offers the opportunity to play blitz chess – each game is 10 minutes. Since there is no rating system for blitz chess at this website, you might find yourself playing against a much weaker opponent which is a disadvantage but it happens quite rarely.

The third website for playing chess online which we recommend is chesshere.com. Exactly as in gameknot.com, this place for online chess offers mainly correspondence chess online, but there is also a special version for playing online. You can choose opponents with a rating close to yours or if you are really lucky someone stronger might agree to play with you. Of course, the latter happens quite rarely, because if you happen to win, the stronger opponent will lose points from his rating which is quite unpleasant.

These are our three suggestions for playing chess online and they are just a small part of all the websites where you can play and develop your skills.


Chess game online

Chess is a lot of fun to play and also a form of exercise for the brain. Chess has been proven to help in a child’s reading says school teachers who teach chess to thousands of children every year.

Chess also builds strong character. Any age is sutable to start playing chess. Probably the best place to learn chess is to join a local chess club or you can purchase various types of chess software.

There are couple of countries which dominate chess as their coaches have built a lot of chess training software. The chess training software can take a beginner all the way to a chess grandmaster at the top of their chess game. They make the most ground breaking chess software in the world. With this chess software you can train 24 hours a day if needed. Chess is all about tactics. This type of chess software as well as the online chess game will help develop your tactical chess skills. You will have countless hours of fun while you solve complex chess combinations and puzzles that will ultimately improve your chess skills. Whether you are advanced player or a complete novice you will find a lots of chess related material to improve your chess playing ability. By following each part of the chess program step by step you will eventually become a chess expert.

Alternatively, if you do not want to follow the chess software route you can use the traditional chess playing route with the aid of chess sets and chess boards, chess books, and other chess equipment designed for beginners to grandmasters.